What is I.T.?

Instructional Technology is the study of the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction. Typically the study of instructional technology encompasses the use of various media and technology to enhance the learning. Read more.

Instructional technology can involve the study of the use of the following types of media:

  • Games and Simulations
  • Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Audio and Video-based instruction
  • Web-based courses and Classes
  • Evaluation of Online Instructional Efforts
  • Mobile Learning

Instructional Technology is a a diverse field with opportunities for individuals in a variety of eclectic roles  all centered on the process of creating web-based instruction.

The need for instructional technologists is great. The growing amount of information created every year and the need for more and more learning drive the need for instructional technologists as does the constant changing field of technology.

One does not need to be a computer programmer or a computer expert to be an instructional technologist since many of the tools are as easy to use as MS Word or Google products. What you do need is a desire to help others learn and an interest in innovative and creative endeavors.