Scheduling classes

Dr. Mary Nicholson is the academic advisor for all students in the Department of Instructional Technology.  Dr. Nicholson can be contacted at or 570-389-4940.

As a graduate student you enroll in classes yourself through the ISIS system (

First check your course plan to see what courses you should take next. Login to ISIS and from there you will be able to add classes to your schedule.  You will know when classes were added and can verify your schedule for the semester.  If a class is filled you do need to contact your advisor Dr. Nicholson ( and the professor of the course directly to request permission to be added to the class.

If you decide to not take a scheduled class you may go into the ISIS system and drop the class before the semester begins or during the first week of classes.  After the first week of classes you will will need to Withdraw from a class you do not want to complete.

If you decide not to take courses during a Fall or Spring semester you will need to contact the Office of Graduate Studies and request that your status be reactivated before you will be able to schedule classes again.

Click here to download a copy of the Corporate track course plan.

Click here to download a copy of the Instructional Technology Specialist track course plan.


~Fall 2014