Graduate Assistantships

A rewarding way to get involved and obtain experience in the field of Instructional Technology is to apply for a Graduate Assistantship (GA). Graduate Assistants in the Department of Instructional Technology primarily work on Institute for Interactive Technologies projects for corporate, government and education clients.  Additionally they assist in the department computer lab providing supervision and assistance to other graduate students and visitors.

Examples of recent GA projects include:

  • B Braun
  • Kellogg’s
  • Delmonte
  • PPL
  • Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape
  • Discovery Machines
  • WBRE
  • Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) Staff Development
  • NSF
  • MSIT Department Marketing
  • CAC Organization
  • MSIT Website

Hours and Pay

Assistantships are either “quarter-time” which require 10 hours of work each week (and require at least 9 credit enrollment) or “eighth-time”  (5 hours/week and at least 6 credit enrollment). Both types of assistantships carry a partial tuition waiver. In addition, graduate assistants receive a stipend. See

How to apply for a GA:

  1. Complete the application from the graduate school web site (Acrobat Reader required).
  2. Submit the completed form in the department office.