Presentation at CAC: Mobile with a twist

Mobile with a twist

Helmut Doll – November 12, 2010

Department of Instructional Technology

Bloomsburg University

This is a summary of the links from the presentation at the Corporate Advisory Council meeting.

  1. First, a few interesting new items I want to share with you.
  2. The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine – Wired Magazine – September 2010
    Article started healthy discussion on the web.

    1. The future seems to be the content, the data, not web pages in the original sense.
    2. Browsers will become less important.
  3. Adobe Flash Catalyst
    • Photoshop/Fireworks -> Interactive Flash movie
    • Convert drawing objects to interactive objects
    • No coding required
  4. Adobe Edge
    • a tool for creating animation and transitions using the capabilities of HTML5
    • Not released yet
  5. Sencha Animator
  6. Project Rome
  7. Now to mobile
  8. Why mobile?
  9. Mobile Development
      • Nokia: Qt
      • Android: Java
      • Apple: Object C
      • Samsung: bada
      • RIM
    • Web development and Flash are 2 approaches that can bridge the gap between the different mobile OS
  10. Flash and mobile
    1. Flash Lite
    2. Flash 10.1 player
    3. Flash iPhone packager
    4. Flash Air apps
  11. Frameworks for mobile web development – js and css solutions that simplify web development for mobile devices. Different development approaches appeal to different developers (JavaScript approach vs. more HTML based)
    1. jqTouch (very good, HTML, not very fast in updates)
    2. SenchaTouch (very interesting, good support for devices, more for JavaScript programmers)
    3. jQueryMobile (currently most interesting to me. Support of jQuery developer community, for developers with HTML background, in alpha state)
    4. SproutCore
  12. jqTouch sample
  13. Other interesting mobile development tools:
    1. Google App Inventor –
    2. Mobl21 –
    3. Hot Lava
  14. Google Breadcrumb – (thanks Louis!)
    1. Web application to create branching storylines for mobile
    2. Low technology demands
    3. Create using text with 3 ‘markup’ codes
    4. Example –
  15. Other tools and resources

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