Instructional Technology Advisory Board Spring 2012

On April 24th, 2012 the Bloomsburg University Department of Instructional Technology hosted the Twelfth Annual Instructional
Technology Specialist Advisory Council. This event featured graduate students from the Department of Instructional Technology who responded
to a grant proposal by completing the application process and presenting their solutions to an expert panel of instructional
technology specialists. This was a great venue to incorporates the elements of instructional technology and education. Having educational technology professionals present from area school districts added to the learning experiences for both the panel members and graduate students.

The Technology Planning Across the Curriculum class was instructed by Dr. Lynn Hummel and supported by Dr. Timothy Phillips, Department
Chair, Dr. Mary Nicholson, Dr. Helmut Doll, and Dr. Karl Kapp. Please contact Lynn Hummel via email at within the
Department of Instructional Technology if you are interested in becoming a part of this tremendous event!

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