Graduates of Fall 2010

Graduates of the department of instructional technologyThis fall 35 students graduated with a M.S. degree in Instructional Technology or a Developer’s Certificate. This is one of the largest numbers in recent years. After a reception in the department the graduates who were able to attend the ceremony were hooded by the faculty of the department.

The names of the graduates are

  • Kirsten Elizabeth Adhikari
  • Abdulrahman Alzahrani
  • Ramona Broomer
  • Christy Sierra Chiacchio
  • Michael David DePalma
  • Ved Pal Dhandnitin
  • Sara R. Dierk
  • Dyshanna Dozier
  • Rhonda Ann Fisher—eLearning
  • Craig Joseph Geromi
  • Stephanie Leilani Gima
  • Brian Guay
  • Dustin Johnson
  • Michael M. Kalai
  • Mark D. Kreisher
  • Jessica J. Laasonen
  • Joshua J. Landesman
  • Barbara Lynn Lehman—eLeaning
  • Justin Link
  • Teressa L. Marr
  • Greg Masters
  • Marina S. Miranda
  • Patrick Lee Paulo
  • Kabrene Yvette Pittman
  • Lauren Nicole Pyskoty
  • Josh Rumpff
  • Stacie L. Sebeck
  • Wanda L. Simpson
  • Lisa M. Stallbaumer-Beishline—eLearning
  • Derek A. Stevens
  • Rachel S. Upadhyay
  • Danielle Vasquez
  • Jordan A. Weisman
  • Jenna Wisniewski
  • Robert G. Zook

We wish them success in their careers.

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