Helmut Doll

Contact Information:

Office:  207 Sutliff Hall
Phone: 570-389-4848
Fax:  570-389-4943


Chair – Department of Instructional Technology

Assistant Director – Institute for Interactive Technologies

Professor of Instructional Technology

  • Ph.D., Mathematics
    University of California at Santa Barbara
  • M.S., Mathematics
    Oregon State University
  • Vordiplom, Mathematics
    Universitat Stuttgart

His professional interests include mobile application development, web and multimedia design and development, dynamic web applications, geometric knot theory, and mathematics education.



57.570/470 Introduction to Website Development

57.572/472 Introduction to Authoring (Adobe Flash)

57.574 Authoring for Networks (Dynamic web sites using ColdFusion)

57.577 Advanced Authoring (Advanced Flash)

57.582 Authoring for Mobile Devices (Flash Lite)