Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)

The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) is an alliance of representatives from public and private sectors with the Department of Instructional Technology and Institute for Interactive Technologies.

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The CAC endeavors to:

  • Enrich the experience of Department of Instructional Technology students through active participation with CAC members and corporate partners.
  • Conduct research to guide future development of interactive technologies.
  • Share information and resources to improve the Instructional Technology program and the facilities of the IIT.

Each fall and spring semester the CAC meets at Bloomsburg University to attend the CAC Conference. This 3-day conference, hosted by the IIT, provides CAC members the opportunity to get involved in many areas relating to e-learning and training.

Corporate Advisory Conference Information

Twice a year we have our exciting  CAC Conference. The event is held in November and April of every year at  Bloomsburg University.

The schedule for the three days typically runs as follows:

Day One – Wednesday: Corporate Presentations

  • This is when corporations share projects they have worked on, industry trends or other information about our field.

Day Two – Thursday:  Student RFP Presentations.

Students present a 20 minute “sales presentation” on the merits of a proposal they write to respond to a mock Request for Proposal (RFP)

Day Three – Friday: Student Project Presentations

  • Graduate assistants and Advanced ID students will provide live demonstrations of the projects they have been working on this semester in the Department lab.
  • Faculty and staff will give a presentation on our latest developments in interactive technology.
  • The department sets up interview schedules and provide rooms for interviews.

For more information

Contact Dr. Karl Kapp via email: or phone: 570.389.4849