Technology requirements

Technology Requirements for Online Courses

*Our classroom and computer lab have all required hardware and software for those of you taking courses on campus


To fully access the variety of online course materials available and to utilize the necessary software, individuals should have access to a computer with the following minimum specifications:

  • Windows XP or Mac OS X
  • 200 GB hard drive
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Microphone and speakers
  • Monitor with at least 1024×768 dpi resolution


Individuals will be required to obtain licensed copies of current applications needed to complete assignments. Depending on the length of the course and the amount of time spent using a software program for class sometimes the demo version will suffice.
Possibilities include:

  • Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browser
  • Java (can be installed for free when needed)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PhotoShop,¬†Illustrator, Dreamweaver CS5+, Flash CS5+, … (if you take multiple courses, the Create Suite Web edition is financially a better offer)
  • Other programs may be required for individual courses.

Internet Access

Individuals must have a reliable Broadband Internet connection. Each person will also need to have access to at least 2 MB of disk space on a web server for publishing web pages (account at BU will be provided). Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) include such personal web space in an Internet service subscription.