eLearning Developer Certificate

eLearning Developer Certificate

eLearning Professionals at workThe eLearning Developer Certificate is offered completely online and is designed for professionals charged with integrating interactive online technologies into both educational and professional training environments. This certificate is ideal for individuals such as training specialists, instructional technologists, managers of training, curriculum developers, staff development personnel, and media specialists.


The eLearning Developer’s Certificate requires 12 credit hours of coursework. In addition, two elective courses are also available for individuals who seek additional skills. The graduate level courses can be applied toward a Master’s degree from the Department of Instructional Technology.

Required Courses (3 credits each):

INSTTECH560 Multimedia Productions

INSTTECH570 Introduction to Website Development

INSTTECH584 Online Course Design

INSTTECH585 eLearning Concepts and Techniques

Elective Courses (optional, 3 credits each):

INSTTECH550 Instructional Design

INSTTECH546 Research in Instructional Technology

The online courses incorporate a range of technologies to promote interactive communication and learning. Faculty and students interact via a combination of asynchronous and synchronous  technologies including online meetings and real-time discussions.

Who can apply?

Graduate status is not required for this certificate. However, an individual with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college may apply for admission and receive graduate credit for their eLearning Developer Certificate coursework. The application is online at the graduate school website.

For additional information contact Dr. Helmut Doll (hdoll@bloomu.edu or 570.389.4848)

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