Congratulations Fall 2012 graduates!

Congratulations Fall 2012 graduates!

On Friday, December 14, 26 student from the Department of Instructional Technology graduated with a Master of Science in Instructional Technology degree. This was one of the largest groups we have had in recent semesters. We wish them all the best in their career and life.

The department honored the graduates with a reception before the traditional hooding ceremony, which is wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the students and to thank the family members for their support.

MSIT graduates Fall 2012

Douglas Bednarczyk
Matthew Brando
Linda Brown
Daniel Byler
Allison Carpenter
Holly Czwakiel
Anthony DeRose
Bryan Hart
Emily Kadhim
Thomas Kalinski
DiPal Kapadia
Jason Kistler
Joseph T. Kuszaj
Dan Laicha
Martin LoMonaco
Kyle Long
Chaya Merrell
Jennifer Munoz
Jestine Myers
Mary Jayne Reibsome
Abubakar Sheriff
Jennifer Stine
Joshua Stoner
Lauren Trainor
Shujuan Wang
Daniel White


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